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The Shortest & Easiest way to paint your FIRST Masterpiece, even if you have never painted in your life!


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What you will learn inside...

  Comprehensive Introduction to Art Material- Learn about all the materials that you will need to get started with Acrylic Painting. We will walk you through all the various types of painting surfaces, brushes, paints, palettes and other miscellaneous items that you will need in this journey. All the materials have further been divided into must-have materials and good-to-have materials so that you can choose where to invest wisely.


About ​Acrylic Paints & Color Mixing Tutorial (Color wheel, Primary & Secondary Colors)- Learn about the various types of Acrylic paints. Explore how using different paints in varying ratios can create a spectrum of colors. The Color Theory is one of the most fundamental concepts of the art of painting and can take you a long way in your journey as an artist.


 Setting Up The Workstation- We will teach you the best possible way to set up your workspace before you get started. Also, some precautionary tips and measures that you can take to prevent creating a mess or getting a beating ;)


 Tips, Tricks & Techniques- Learn some of the most commonly used tips and tricks that can quickly elevate your experience. These hidden treasures have been accumulated through years of practice and experimentation.


 FULLY GUIDED PAINTING TUTORIAL- Complete your first masterpiece through easy step-by-step instructions and demonstration by master artist (Sameer Nagi) through this fully guided experience.  

 Protecting the painting- If you are investing time into making your masterpiece,we better teach you how to increase its longevity. Learn some techniques to preserve your vibrant masterpiece.


 Framing the painting- We share how you can go about framing your artwork that you can show off to the world!


 About the 'Art of Painting'- We walk you through the history of the ‘Art of Painting’ and how art has transformed over the years to become what it is today. We explore some popular styles of painting as well.

You also get these AWESOME BONUSES!

Official Certificate (Post Completion of course and submission of completed artwork within 21 days of enrolment)

FREE access to the Artists' Inner Circle (An exclusive member community that will be used to review artwork, discuss your art related queries, FAQs and more)

Unlimited Replays of all training videos & tutorials



149 (90% OFF)


💬 Hear from our STUDENTS 

A fraction of the MASTERPIECES they have created!

✅ Here's what we can PROMISE you

Whether you are someone who has never touched a paintbrush before, or someone who has dabbled with paints a couple of times,  there is one thing we can promise.

If you follow the concepts and the detailed instructions in the 'Anybody Can Paint: Shortest Painting Course', you will 100% be able to paint   beautiful masterpiece as below and go beyond to create your unique artworks as well!

This course is for EVERYONE. Whether you:

​✅ Are starting off as a BEGINNER

​✅ Have dabbled with painting before but without any encouraging results

​✅ Are someone who wants to get started with painting, but don't know where to start

​✅ Are looking for a fun way to rejuvenate yourself

​✅ Are a young student, a middle aged working professional or a young-at-heart elderly person

​✅ Think you lack creativity (Trust us, you DON'T!

​✅ ​Are someone looking for a way to make your life more fulfilling

​✅ Want to learn a new skill during this lockdown

If you tick any of the boxes above, look no further...


☛ Meet your facilitator


Sameer is on a mission to spread the joy of painting and help people discover the artist in them. All the people who have painted under the 'Anybody Can Paint' initiative (kick-started in 2015), come from various backgrounds, professions, age groups and nationalities. However, they shared one thing in common; they all believe that they cannot draw or paint. Sameer left his comfortable corporate job in 2015 to address this notion by making people believe that they too can create beautiful masterpieces. All they need is the right guidance and an enabling environment to take wings. When he took up painting back in 2010, one had to go through a long arduous journey finding expensive books and DVDs from international artists in order to unlock techniques and concepts of painting. Having gone through his own share of successes and failures, excitements and disappointments, he finally realized that if all this information were to be structured in a very thoughtful manner and presented in a succinct way, anybody could create their own masterpiece. He also exhibited his artwork in three solo exhibitions and in one of them, all his artwork was sold out within seven minutes of opening. But, he had his calling in helping people engage with art by creating it actively, instead of viewing it passively.For his work in inspiring people with visual impairment to paint, he was invited to share his story at TedX.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone and everyone! It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or are someone who has tinkered with paints before. We believe, and as the title suggests, ‘Anybody Can paint’. If you can hold a pencil, we PROMISE you that using the guidance and instructions in this course, you can create some stunning masterpieces. All you need to do is give it your 100%.
Q. Can my kid(s) join this course?
This course is ideally suited for any art enthusiast (adults or teens 11 years and above). However, for our young enthusiasts (under the age of 11), adult mentorship would be highly beneficial
Q. When does this course begin?
Upon making the purchase, you will receive the links to 1st section of the course videos in your registered email. As and when you complete a section, the links to the videos of the next section will automatically be emailed to you.
Q. How long do I have access to this course?
You have a time limit of 21 days to complete this course in order to receive your Certificate. 
Q. Will I also receive any painting materials along with the course?
This course does not include the material required for you to make the painting. However, what you need to pursue this course is a basic set of acrylic paints, basic set of brushes and a paper/canvas pad. After you make the purchase, we will share with you a list of links to order these materials online OR you could even visit a local stationery shop or art store to buy these materials for yourself. 
Q. What medium is being used for paintings? 
In this course the preferred medium for painting is Acrylic. All the instructions, tips and techniques inside the course pertain to Acrylic Paints. However, the tips and concepts may easily apply to other mediums of paint as well.
Q. Is there a Refund policy?
This course costs less than a  pizza. We feel that for the quality of information, the guidance and all the extra bonuses that you receive as part of this package, the pricing is more than justified. We do not offer a refund, but we do guarantee that your results will speak about its worth.
Q. Do I get a certificate?
Once you complete the course requirements in 21 days of start (which is very easily possible) you will earn an official certificate for successfully completing this course. The certificate will be emailed to your registered email address.
Q. What is the language of this course?
The instructions in this course are in English. All the concepts are explained with simplicity and in commonly used terms that make it very easy to understand.
Q. Is this course based on a One Time Payment or a Monthly Subscription?
You only need to pay ONCE to access this course. The course is NOT based on any Monthly Subscription.
Q. Where can I get support for any painting related queries?
Once you purchase the course, you will get access to an exclusive group on Facebook- Artists’ Inner Circle. It is a great forum for you to share and resolve your course-related queries and interact with other members of the community. You can also write to us at [email protected]
Q. Any more questions?
Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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